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Capoeira is a manifestation of Brazilian culture that bears very peculiar features: it is a blend of fight, game and dance executed to the sound of musical instruments, claps and chanting. Aside from being an exceptional self-defense and fitness system, Capoeira stands out among the sports range for being the sole one founded on Brazilian cultural traditions. For all this, Capoeira is gaining ever more ground in schools and universities in Brazil and worldwide. (Luiz Renato Vieira)

Born out of the African slave trade, the history of the art is one of cultural survival against repression, and the study of Capoeira reaches deeper than just its physical aspect. Accompanying the interactive movements are African percussive instruments and traditional call and response singing, all in the Portuguese language of Brazil. Today, Capoeira has entered mainstream global culture and continues to expand over every continent, attracting new students with its fascinating and unusual style.

Capoeira Bali endorsed by Escola Cultural Zungu Capoeira, Sao Paulo, Brazil,  has three main areas of focus; promoting fitness and cultural diversity in schools, providing classes for students of all ages wishing to learn Capoeira and also to further public awareness of Capoeira through public and private demonstrations and shows.