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Capoeira class @ The Motion Fitness Studio, Jl. Petitenget 12B (The Motion Fitness, across L Hotel).

Monday 19.00-20.30 : all levels are welcome, no previous experience needed, training focus on physical fitness and conditioning, and movements based on Capoeira practice

*Attire to wear : free, any comfortable clothes to exercise, and a sweat towel.

Wednesday 19.00-20.30 : training focus on basic techniques  to play Capoeira, beginners are encouraged to come to improve their game.

*Attire to wear : Abada (white uniforms capoeira pants) + corda (Capoeira belt). The shirt can be any kind of shirt except black coloured one (only for Graduado and above)

Friday 19.00-20.30 : Bateria (music) and a roda (capoeira circle) practice.  Students are expected to already know basic tools to play to enjoy the training, such as round kicks : meia lua de frente, queixada, armada, meia lua de compasso, some basic esquivas, negativa, role, and basic floreios ; au, bananeira,

*Attire to wear : malha (street long colored  pants) and any kind of camiseta (shirt). Black colour only for Graduado level and above.  :-)

**Class price:

  • Walk in class 100k Rupiah (valid only for one class)
  • Monthly 450k Rupiah (unlimited attendance to all classes in Seminyak for a month)


Kids Classes @ The Motion Fitness studio

We divide the classes based on the age group with different approach of training in each class. But it is possible for a student to come to other group class with a condition that he/she could adjust with the different way of training.

Monday 4.15-5.15PM : For kids age 7-10 year old

Wednesday 4.15-5.15PM : Capoeira for teenagers 11-16 year old, or had strong Capoeira experience before.


Friday 4.15-5.15PM : For kids age 4,5-6 year old

**Class price:

  • Walk in class 100kRupiah
  • Card of 5 classes (valid for 2 months) 350k Rupiah
  • Card of 10 classes (valid for 4 months) 600k Rupiah

Note: All classes mostly taught in English, Bahasa Indonesia or basic Brazilian Portuguese.

Location: The Curve / The Motion Fitness

Jl. Petitenget 12B (2nd floor, Living Karma), Kerobokan.



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