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Professor Cacá

Professor Cacá
Professor Cacá

Crivellente Antonio Carlos Cunha, was born in São Paulo, capital, on March 12, 1974, started Capoeira in November 1989, at the club Círculo Militar de São Paulo with Professor Chicao (Formado from Mestre Canhao – student of Mestre Bimba) which he was baptized and received his first degree.

After a year of training and due to personal problems of Professor Chicao, which forced him to return to his homeland, Caca began training with Contra Mestre Carlos Araujo, who took over in CMSP. Carlos was trained by Mestre Gladson – Policenter for about six years and led the work in the Army. Caca reached graduation from there and began its cycle of classes, going to assist in the classes of Capoeira as a monitor.

Seeking to improve his knowledge Caca went to train in Capoeira Gerais, with Contra Mestre Aberrê trained by Mestre Mao Branca, “these ten years were my college in Capoeira.” Caca spent 10 years beside the currently Mestre Aberre, learning and developing much of its current luggage. In May 2003, Caca graduated as capoeira Professor that was considered as very special moment in his life.

With nearly 20 years living Capoeira, Professor Caca, in search of new horizons and a desire to expand its ideas, in December 2006, he founded the Escola Cultural Zungu Capoeira, which now is his own school, his self-employment, and together with his students and Graduados, traces a new path in this endless story.

  • Oi Prof Caca e grupo.
    Eu sou capoeirista de alma e coracao que vivo na India. Nascido em Portugal , vivi no Brasil varios anos onde treinei com Mestre Cabeludo, Mestre Mao Branca e por fim Mestre Cobrinha Mansa. Amo Capoeira Angola e tb REgional.. Estou chegando em Bali dia 26 de Maio e vi que fazem um evento. Gostaria de participar seja de que maneira for . Se ainda ouver espaco poderia oferecer algo como percussao africana que estudo ha alguns anos, ou algum concerto de musica, pois sou musico e viajo com minha esposa tb capoeirista, musica e bailarina profissional de danca africana. Somos os Yemadas, que vivem na iNDIA E VIAJAMOS PELO MUNDO PELA ARTE, ECOLOGIA E ESPIRITUALIDADE.
    Fico esperando uma resposta.

    Tiago Rouxinol

    May 2, 2011

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